Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Painting the Pay Bus

Goodwin Alco's heritage project support activities continues with its contribution to the restoration of RailCorp historic 1930's Pay Bus No 1.
Over the past few months Peter MacFarlane accepted RailCorp's invitation to provide instruction and assistance to RailCorp apprentices and instructors and has been involved with the preparation and painting of the vehicle ready for its return to service. Goodwin Alco's contribution included labour, technical advice and some materials on a voluntary basis to help progress the project.
The restoration of the pay bus is another successful example of heritage restorations being completed as an apprentice training exercise under the guidance of senior and volunteer tradesmen.
As seen in the picture above, the works on Pay Bus No 1 are nearing completion and its bright and distinctive livery will ensure that in future it becomes an easily identified member of RailCorps heritage fleet.