Friday, December 18, 2009

Ho Ho Ho

With another year past Goodwin Alco would like to thank all our supporters, suppliers and friends for their support and wishes them the very best compliments of the season for a Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year.
2009 has been another successful year full of heritage restorations, operations, sponsorships and projects with both new and oldmates and we look forward to working again with you all in 2010.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Repaint of heritage class leader underway.

RailCorp core heritage rail motor set 621/721 is the subject of Goodwin Alco's latest project effort which will see it restored to its authentic 1960's Indian red & lined livery in the coming months.

Works are being conducted at the depot of set custodians The Rail Motor Society with project labour consisting of team members supplied by Goodwin Alco, TRMS and Maitland Rotary.
Goodwin Alco is also sponsoring the supply of materials to repaint the set including sanding and masking materials, primer and undercoat, final paint and reproduction NSWGR shaded lettering.
Even builders plates are being reinstated!

As commitments have already been made for the sets operation in 2010 the project team dont expect to get much of a break until the new year but believe the final product will be worth the sacrifice.

Keep an eye out in early 2010 for 621/721's spectacular return to the network looking like a set hasnt for over a decade.
If you want to travel on 621/721's first run for 2010 book now with ARHS NSW at:
or contact TRMS for information regarding trips later in the year.

Another old girl saved and started!

Breaking news reports that another example of Alco diesel locomotive engineering has been saved for preservation, this time by the Australian Railway Historical Society ACT division.
Successful negotiations saw the ownership of DL500 model loco 4468 transferred from CFCLA to ARHS ACT in November and in early December the loco was transferred from Lithgow to Canberra utilising SSR haulage to Sydney and Goodwin Alco's own 4833 to complete the journey to our nations capital.

On December 4 Goodwin Alco representatives travelled to Canberra and after inspections and preparations with the ARHS loco team started 4468 for the first time in preservation.

Works required to restore 4468 to mainline service are expected to take some months so if you live down south and love your alco's why not get involved in the full restoration project?
At the very least keep up to date with progress at:
or donate to the project - Donations over $2 are tax deductable!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Heritage signs reproduced

Goodwin Alco's repair and reproduction of authentic heritage items continues with station signs recently being produced for future use by our friends at the Oberon Tarana Heritage Railway.

Like many railway locations, in the years since rail services finished the station signage "disappeared" and with plans for the full restoration of the Oberon station underway Goodwin Alco partnered with Blueridge Woodworks & car builders to produce replacement items.

After extensive research authentic designs, materials and mouldings were used to recreate the signage used previously by the NSWGR.

Although not yet ready for permanent installation the signs were recently given a trial run at Oberon and will now be placed in storage awaiting the reopening of this wonderful heritage precinct.

Goodwin Alco has previously produced station signage for other parties and would consider any requests for repairs or reproduction of similar heritage items.

Friday, August 28, 2009

50 years of 48's - Happy birthday 4801.

4801 at A.E. Goodwins St Marys. 28th August 1959. R G Preston photo.

50 years ago on August 28, 1959, loco 4801 was presented to the NSWGR by builder A.E. Goodwin at a ceremenony held at their St Marys construction plant.
A few days later on September 1 it was delivered to its owners the NSWGR at DELEC and commenced trials and then its working career

4801 at DELEC September 1, 1959. R G Preston photo.

Built to the American Locomotive Company DL531 design, the 165 strong 48 class were to become the backbone of the NSW railways eliminating steam haulage from branchlines but also being used for mainline duties. Such was the popularity of the DL531 design that a total of 165 48 class units were eventually placed in service with the NSWGR as well as 44 being built for the South Australian Railways and another 3 for the Broken Hill based Silverton Tramway Company

During their service life the 48 class have proved to be extremely reliable units as well providing the flexibility to haul all types of trains over all lines in the NSW rail network. Despite having worn many different liveries and undergone various modifications their basic configuration remains the same as when first delivered.

4801 at Lithgow loco depot in 1993. J McIntyre photo.

To this day many 48 class units continue to operate in daily service while several have also been saved for preservation.
4801 is included on the RailCorp Heritage Rollingstock register but is unfortunately not operational. It is currently stored facing an uncertain future with classmate 4805 and can be seen from passing trains at Eveleigh Carriage works.

Happy 50th Birthday oldmate.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

New windows for old cars

As preserved rollingstock ages, remaining stocks of traditional spare parts dwindle and commercial production of many components ceases the challenge for heritage groups to maintain, repair and restore vehicles is becoming harder and harder.
Recently Goodwin Alco inconjunction with Blueridge Woodworks was asked to investigate the production of new wooden window stock for Lachlan Valley Railway "S" series cars which after many years of service were in dire need for replacement windows.

After following up on several options Bob & Jono Bennett from Pinnacle Cabinets & Joinery at Molong NSW provided not only a quote which was affordable but also committed to manufacturing the windows using traditional joints and practices and utilising new glues and modern paint finishes to ensure the windows will last for many years to come.
The frame machining was also modified slightly to incorporate the important inclusion of safety glass.

The windows were supplied finished with glass and mouldings fitted in our choice of paint and internal lacquer finishes. The boys can even quote to deliver and fit the windows if you require.
If you have a need for any type of window or woodworking components give them a call on 0263691500 or 0428328587.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Painting the Pay Bus

Goodwin Alco's heritage project support activities continues with its contribution to the restoration of RailCorp historic 1930's Pay Bus No 1.
Over the past few months Peter MacFarlane accepted RailCorp's invitation to provide instruction and assistance to RailCorp apprentices and instructors and has been involved with the preparation and painting of the vehicle ready for its return to service. Goodwin Alco's contribution included labour, technical advice and some materials on a voluntary basis to help progress the project.
The restoration of the pay bus is another successful example of heritage restorations being completed as an apprentice training exercise under the guidance of senior and volunteer tradesmen.
As seen in the picture above, the works on Pay Bus No 1 are nearing completion and its bright and distinctive livery will ensure that in future it becomes an easily identified member of RailCorps heritage fleet.