Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bells are ringing and Santa is on his way…..

Santa 2010

Well another successful year of operation, restoration, sponsorships, projects, road trips and good times has rushed past and again we find ourselves running through the last section to Christmas.

Goodwin Alco wishes all our suppliers, supporters, and friends all the very best for a Happy Christmas and thanks you for making 2010 another great year.

2011 is already shaping up to be a busy year and we again look forward to sharing the rewards of our Heritage activities with our oldmates.

Christmas comes early for The 4 8 3 3

DSC_0268 copy

Veteran Goodwin Alco loco 4833 has received an early christmas present this year thanks to the professional efforts of the oldmates from Drivetrain, Maywald Engineering International, Col Parry and the Lithgow Suit club.

Having worked tirelessly for many years, 4833 has been the subject of extensive repair and overhaul works in recent weeks which should prepare it for many more years of reliable service.

With engine works including new pistons,

DSC_0277 copy

liners, gudgeons, rings, bearings,

DSC_0276 copy

heads and injector pumps, a turbo overhaul, engine timing and a filter change,

DSC_0283 copy

body works including body repairs,

DSC_0267 copy

panel replacement,

Before paint

various mounting repairs as well as air brake component change outs and pipe work repairs it should be no surprise that the receipts now total in the vicinity of $90,000.00.

Add to this the Compressor overhaul, traction motor blower refurbishment and electrical inspections completed in previous months and theres not much left on the list of planned works to tick off.

Commitments like this are a necessary part of essential maintenance programs and thanks to the efforts of our willing workers our 48 should continue to be the “backbone” of the fleet.

Thanks guys, we hope you enjoy your christmas break.

RTM returns 4001 to service.

After a marathon restoration historic NSWGR Alco locomotive 4001 has returned to active duty 37 years after it was withdrawn from regular service.

The 40 class were the NSWGR’s first mainline diesel locomotives and survived until the ordering of 442 class locos in the early 1970’s, when they were destined to become donors of parts and scrapped.


4001 was saved for preservation and its restoration is due to the combined efforts of numerous RTM staff, volunteers and supporters over various eras with many missing components required to rebuild the loco being donated.

Goodwin Alco was pleased to be able to assist the restoration progress firstly with the supply of fan and oil filter components to former Maintenance Manager Jim Martin and more recently via the commissioning and donation of reproduction MLW builder and Alco design plates.

004.Builders Plate 4001 Th copy

Sporting a shiny coat of fresh Blue paint, 4001 was recommissioned on November 20th and has subsequently hauled 2 tour trains for fans celebrating its restoration. Unfortunately 4001 suffered a fan drive failure during its 2nd outing to Bathurst but is hoped to again be returned to heritage service in the near future.

Congratulations to all involved in the restoration of this historically significant old Alco.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Up Up and away.

Goodwin Alco’s support of Alco restoration moved “interstate” briefly in September to help our oldmates at ARHS ACT progress works on their World model DL500 Alco 4468.

With body restoration works well underway by the dedicated Canberra locals a work team comprising of Canberra fitter Gav, and representatives from Far North Rail Consultants, Goodwin Alco and the Lithgow Suit club gathered in the national capital to remove and strip the locos bogies in preparation for rewheeling.

1 end up

With the services of a very impressive crane, light work was made of the lifting and with 4468 positioned on temporary bogies, stripping of the 6 wheelset/traction motor combinations from the frames was completed ready for shipping.

bogie lift

3 days of team work saw the job finished with time to spare  and another great example of inter group working completed.

Time was also taken to inspect and document the condition of Canberras other DL500 the recently arrived RailCorp Core Heritage unit 4403. With a condition report prepared and submitted, corrective works are scheduled to commence soon and 4403 returned to mainline service.

wheels out

Monday, July 26, 2010

OTHR 73 class head West for new “home”.

central No1

After a 7 week “sleepover” at the Eveleigh Large Erecting shop OTHR’s first locomotives 7307 & 7321 have moved west and have now reached their new home of Oberon .

Tarana arrive

Thanks to a great combined effort by OTHR, LVR, 3801 Ltd and Goodwin Alco the locos headed west to Tarana on Saturday 24/07/10 hauled by Goodwin Alco’s locomotive The 4 5 0 1 and the following day were lifted off the rails and transferred to Oberon by road.

final loading

Whilst at Eveleigh the locomotives received considerable attention from OTHR members, Goodwin Alco and other supporters to improve their condition prior to their journey over the Blue Mountains and beginning the next chapter of service in their railway career. Eveleigh was the overhaul location for 73 class locos for many years so it was fitting that the locos returned there for attention.

In addition to coordinating the relocation of the locos Goodwin Alco donated the operation of The 4 5 0 1 for this movement and replacement equipment including air brake components, windows, number boards and specially produced “Oberon” depot plates.

plate and handles handover

Goodwin Alco is pleased to be associated with OTHR’s efforts to reopen the Oberon branch line for heritage operations and congratulates them on their remarkable progress to date.

To keep up to date with progress at Oberon go to:

http://othr.com.au/ or become a member and get directly involved in the activities of this exciting project.

Up the hill


Friday, June 4, 2010

Goodwin Alco units haul 73 class for OTHR

On Saturday May 29 former Patricks locos 7307 and 7321 commenced the first leg of their final journey to preservation being moved from Botany to Eveleigh by Goodwin Alco locos 4501 & 4833.

Botany depart

Despite the gloom of a wet Sydney day spirits were high amongst the faithful volunteers who had gathered and volunteered their time to ensure that the units recently purchased by the Oberon Tarana Heritage Railway were safely transferred and secured.

Having been the subject of some theft and vandalism at Botany and purchased “as is, where is” the combined efforts of the Lachlan Valley Railway, 3801 Ltd and Goodwin Alco joined forces to prepare, transport and secure the engines ready for their journey West to their final home.


Thanks to the generosity of Lachlan Valley Railway who moved the locos at cost, 3801 Ltd who provided temporary shelter and workshop facilities at Eveleigh and Goodwin Alco who donated the use of locos 4501, 4833 and the fuel used for the transfer, the Walkers built locos are now undergoing repair and recommissioning works. Soon the move west to Tarana will be possible and the OTHR locos will commence the next stage of their service career and enter their second period as preserved units.

5 sheds

Goodwin Alco wishes OTHR well in their endeavours and encourages anyone interested to support their activities via physical and financial support to preserve and reopen the unique “pioneer” line from Oberon to Tarana.

For more information on OTHR’s activities visit their website at:


Monday, May 17, 2010

CPH 13 bound for Oberon

Goodwin Alco is pleased to announce that it has secured vintage NSWGR railmotor CPH 13 for operation on the Oberon Tarana Heritage Railway. The rebuilding of the first section of line to Hazelgrove on the former Oberon branch line is nearing completion by OTHR and the provision of “Tin Hare” CPH 13 for tourist service will be part of Goodwin Alco’s contribution to this worthy and exciting heritage project.

13 scarb

Currently located out of use in Canberra, CPH 13’s service career commenced in 1925 and after serving on NSW suburban and country lines for nearly 60 years it entered preservation with the ARHS ACT division in 1984.13 Waterfall 1978

Following several years of tour service out of Canberra, CPH 13 was placed on loan to the “Line of Lode” group in Broken Hill and after the unfortunate abandonment of that project was returned to Canberra in 2005.

CPH 13

While currently in a partially dismantled state, restoration plans to rebuild and reactivate CPH 13 will soon have it ready for the next stage of its operating career at Oberon.

To learn more about OTHR’s activities reactivating rail operations at Oberon visit their website at:


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Goodwin Alco awarded 6029 project “Silver” sponsor status.


Since the inception of the 6029 restoration project Goodwin Alco has supported the efforts of the Canberra based Garratt restoration team via monetary and other donations, archival research, the restoration of components and the Eveleigh workdays program.

_DSC2766 Email

The 6029 project has made incredible progress in a relatively short period of time and is a credit to the dedication of its hard working volunteers, management team and many supporters. The value of Goodwin Alco's sponsorship was recently recognised by the 6029 project team via the awarding of "Silver" sponsor status, the first such award made by the 6029 project.


One of the main Goodwin Alco activities has been the sponsorship of 6029’s cab restoration. The cab was transported to Sydney by truck in mid 2008 and its restoration is being conducted at the historic Eveleigh Large erecting shed inconjunction with 3801 Ltd.


The cab has now been completely dismantled, the deteriorated components repaired or replaced and is being prepared for reassembly. The 6029 project is a great example of oldmates from many different organisations and interests working together and will ensure that an example of the largest locomotive type to run in the southern hemisphere will again steam for the first time in 30 years.


The completion of 6029's restoration will mark the success of one of the biggest volunteer steam loco restorations in preservation history and support the education and enjoyment of todays and future generations that have never seen such a locomotive operate.
While much good work and progress has already been achieved, the 6029 team still need support to complete their project which is bigger than the locomotive itself!

There are many ways that you can assist the project team get 6029 steaming again in 2011 and to identify the role you can play go to the 6029 project blog at:

Monday, March 29, 2010

Goodwin Alco unit moves Krupp crane to preservation

Unique 120ton capacity breakdown crane LC1060 has made its last mainline journey and entered preservation thanks to the Lachlan Valley Railway Co op and haulage by Goodwin Alco loco 4501.
Once an essential part of loco depot inventory, the era of rail breakdown cranes has sadly past with modern day preference being to use mobile road cranes to clear mishaps.
1060 also known as "The Krupp" spent recent years languishing at the former Lithgow Depot and has been purchased by the Dorrigo Steam Railway & Museum group who had long considered it to be an essential addition to their collection.

Efforts by LVR oldmates saw the crane serviced and certified for travel and with ARTC & RailCorp approval, the Krupp was hauled to West Tamworth over 2 days by Goodwin Alco loco 4501. Due to the cranes enormous 22.3ton axle load its maximum permitted speed was 50kph from Lithgow to Werris Creek (via Sydney) and then finally 30kph from Werris Creek to West Tamworth.
Thanks to good planning and the Krupps reliable german engineering the haulage task went off without a hitch and was delivered to its new owners after a 17 hour journey.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Goodwin unit celebration at Kandos

4833 & 4501 stand at Kandos station having arrived from Sydney. Photo Jamie McIntyre.

To celebrate 50 years of service of the trusty Goodwin Alco DL531 48 class locomotives, 3801 Limited operated a tour from Sydney to Kandos and return on Saturday February 2o headed by Goodwin Alco heritage locomotives 4833 & 4501.

The occasion was a double celebration as 2010 marks 15 years of heritage activities by the Goodwin Alco Pty ltd team, and what better way to celebrate than to have both locomotives head the train west over the Blue mountains and through the Capertee Valley with a train full of passengers.

To ensure everyone had the opportunity to record the occasion a line side photo stop was held under the towering bluffs at remote Brogans Creek before the passengers were treated to a magnificent lunch either on board or at the Kandos Hotel.

Miles from civilisation the Goodwin Alco units run past for the photographers. Photo Leon Rudd.

With the train remarshalled and the passengers back on board a glorious western afternoon ensured the scenery was seen at its best as the train retraced its path back to Sydney.

Powering through Wallerawang 4501 leads 4833 and a train full of happy passengers on their way home. Photo Geoff Taylor.

For information about future tours contact 3801 Ltd on 1300 65 3801 or visit http://www.3801limited.com.au/.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

621/721 re-enters service in original livery

After several months effort, hundreds of hours of voluntary labour and numerous litres of paint RailCorp Heritage Railmotor set 621/721 was returned to service by custodians The Rail Motor Society on Sunday 17th January 2010 again wearing its original livery. Whilst largely completed by Goodwin Alco the sets transformation is also due to the combined efforts of The Rail Motor Society and Maitland Rotary volunteers who worked with the project team resulting in a great example of inter group support and co-operation. The Rail Motor Society's team also carried out body repairs, a mechanical service and car cleaning and fit out to ensure all was ready for the inaugural trip to Nowra. Goodwin Alco took time off from restoring their own set 629/729 and both managed and sponsored the project by contributing paint, preparation materials, voluntary labour, project management, reproduction shaded lettering, and also reinstated original toilet mirrors and replica builders plates.

To read more about the project works and the history of set 621/721 go to: http://621721.blogspot.com/

To view set 621/721 returning from its inaugural trip to Nowra view the video clip below:

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

4833 visits the National capital!

December is a busy time in many areas due to pre Christmas celebrations and Canberra is no exception. Every year the ARHS ACT division run an extensive program of pre christmas special trains to cater for end of year office party and group celebrations.
The end of 2009 was no exception and to cater for the capacity crowds that booked on the dinner & dance special trains Goodwin Alco's 4833 was requested to head south to help shift the loads. Holding hands with ARHS's 50 year old Alco 4807 and Steam stalwart 3016, 4833 operated to destinations including Bungendore and Tarago with record crowds tugging behind on the drawbar.
During its time in Canberra 4833 also got to rub couplers in loco with oldmates including ARHS's tuscan & russet painted 7315 and newly acquired mainliner 4468.
Following the success of this initial visit future trips are being discussed and further examples of interworking and cooperation between the like minded oldmate groups is in the pipeline.

Thanks to Canberraite Paul Quinn for providing the "on shed"pics during 4833's ACT visit.