Saturday, February 19, 2011

4464 back on track at Kandos.

Kandos arrival

After an extensive overhaul and recommissioning project the third Lachlan Alco 44 class –4464 has re entered service under the operations of 3801 Limited.

Purchased in 1994 at the infamous “Cardiff” auction 4464’s restoration was the subject of several stages of efforts by various project teams using both volunteer and paid labour.

Although considered to be the “best” of the 3 LA locos purchased 4464’s works included extensive body repairs as well as works on engine, traction motor and electrical control systems.

Brogan bogan

4464’s relaunch was facilitated by the operation of a special passenger train to Kandos on February 19 with a stop at Brogans creek during which the project workers, Alco fans and general passengers were able to witness the Alco operation first hand. On this day 4464 and sister units 4473 & 4486 operated “holding hands” for the first time in preservation.

DSC_0395 copy

Thanks to the project teams efforts 4464 will enjoy many successful years of Heritage operation during its second service career.