Wednesday, January 13, 2010

4833 visits the National capital!

December is a busy time in many areas due to pre Christmas celebrations and Canberra is no exception. Every year the ARHS ACT division run an extensive program of pre christmas special trains to cater for end of year office party and group celebrations.
The end of 2009 was no exception and to cater for the capacity crowds that booked on the dinner & dance special trains Goodwin Alco's 4833 was requested to head south to help shift the loads. Holding hands with ARHS's 50 year old Alco 4807 and Steam stalwart 3016, 4833 operated to destinations including Bungendore and Tarago with record crowds tugging behind on the drawbar.
During its time in Canberra 4833 also got to rub couplers in loco with oldmates including ARHS's tuscan & russet painted 7315 and newly acquired mainliner 4468.
Following the success of this initial visit future trips are being discussed and further examples of interworking and cooperation between the like minded oldmate groups is in the pipeline.

Thanks to Canberraite Paul Quinn for providing the "on shed"pics during 4833's ACT visit.

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