Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Garratt works deliver results.

Following  months of rust cutting, fabrication, rebuilding and riveting,  6029’s cab has now left Eveleigh and has been reunited in Canberra with the rest of the locomotive.

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With the loco undergoing a comprehensive restoration by the Canberra ARHS ACT division, 6029’s cab was brought to the Eveleigh LES for overhaul in 2010, its repairs being sponsored by Goodwin Alco. 

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The choice of the  Eveleigh worksite was particularly significant given that the new 60 class locomotives were assembled there after arriving by ship from their English manufacturer Beyer Peacock. Some service life overhauls and repairs were also performed at Eveleigh.

Garratt eveleigh

With new steel work supplied by R&L Wall a mixture of volunteers from ARHS, Goodwin Alco, Blueridge and Maywald Engineering (international) completed the final assembly and riveting works in August & September.


Finally back together in one piece the cab was lifted out into the sunshine by franner and transferred south by road on September 15.

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With the cab refitted, the final placement of cab floor, backhead fittings, gauges and pipework is now underway and the locos return to steam is getting tantalisingly close.

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