Sunday, December 7, 2008

NSWGR Shaded lettering and numbers reproduced.

To assist with the authentic restoration of NSW carriage stock, Goodwin Alco has commissioned the reproduction of NSWGR shaded lettering and numbers.
Prior to the introduction of the "Candy" colour scheme in the early 1980's these shaded letters were used to denote classifications, coding's and other labelling on the Indian red vehicles.
Originally produced as hand painted water transfers, the reproduced artwork is printed on stickers with a weather proof clear coat to ensure the colours last for many years.
Able to be produced for any vehicle, sizing and quantities of the required labels is all that is required to enable them to be printed.
Goodwin Alco thanks its artwork master Tony for his assistance to make this project such a success.

Reproduction lettering and numbers were recently supplied by Goodwin Alco to put the finishing touches to the repainted railmotor 402 at The Rail Motor Society, Paterson.

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