Sunday, May 9, 2010

Goodwin Alco awarded 6029 project “Silver” sponsor status.


Since the inception of the 6029 restoration project Goodwin Alco has supported the efforts of the Canberra based Garratt restoration team via monetary and other donations, archival research, the restoration of components and the Eveleigh workdays program.

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The 6029 project has made incredible progress in a relatively short period of time and is a credit to the dedication of its hard working volunteers, management team and many supporters. The value of Goodwin Alco's sponsorship was recently recognised by the 6029 project team via the awarding of "Silver" sponsor status, the first such award made by the 6029 project.


One of the main Goodwin Alco activities has been the sponsorship of 6029’s cab restoration. The cab was transported to Sydney by truck in mid 2008 and its restoration is being conducted at the historic Eveleigh Large erecting shed inconjunction with 3801 Ltd.


The cab has now been completely dismantled, the deteriorated components repaired or replaced and is being prepared for reassembly. The 6029 project is a great example of oldmates from many different organisations and interests working together and will ensure that an example of the largest locomotive type to run in the southern hemisphere will again steam for the first time in 30 years.


The completion of 6029's restoration will mark the success of one of the biggest volunteer steam loco restorations in preservation history and support the education and enjoyment of todays and future generations that have never seen such a locomotive operate.
While much good work and progress has already been achieved, the 6029 team still need support to complete their project which is bigger than the locomotive itself!

There are many ways that you can assist the project team get 6029 steaming again in 2011 and to identify the role you can play go to the 6029 project blog at:

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