Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas comes early for The 4 8 3 3

DSC_0268 copy

Veteran Goodwin Alco loco 4833 has received an early christmas present this year thanks to the professional efforts of the oldmates from Drivetrain, Maywald Engineering International, Col Parry and the Lithgow Suit club.

Having worked tirelessly for many years, 4833 has been the subject of extensive repair and overhaul works in recent weeks which should prepare it for many more years of reliable service.

With engine works including new pistons,

DSC_0277 copy

liners, gudgeons, rings, bearings,

DSC_0276 copy

heads and injector pumps, a turbo overhaul, engine timing and a filter change,

DSC_0283 copy

body works including body repairs,

DSC_0267 copy

panel replacement,

Before paint

various mounting repairs as well as air brake component change outs and pipe work repairs it should be no surprise that the receipts now total in the vicinity of $90,000.00.

Add to this the Compressor overhaul, traction motor blower refurbishment and electrical inspections completed in previous months and theres not much left on the list of planned works to tick off.

Commitments like this are a necessary part of essential maintenance programs and thanks to the efforts of our willing workers our 48 should continue to be the “backbone” of the fleet.

Thanks guys, we hope you enjoy your christmas break.

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